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Treatment Approach

Everything is Connected...

As the Western Medical Model has increasingly emphasized compartmentalization, the idea that the body, mind, and spirit of each person being a whole is often forgotten.  The body is connected from head-to-toe via multiple systems; the nervous system, the arterial system, the skeletal system, the fascial system, etc.  Problems in any system in any place in the body can contribute to dysfunction in other areas of the body.  It is only through a whole-body approach and assessment that unsuspecting body regions can sometimes be identified as being contributors to a person's problem or pain.

And Everything Counts

Old ankle sprain?  Yup, it counts.  Did you know that research has shown that a sprained ankle can prevent your gluteus maximus (your butt muscle) from being as strong as it could be (despite lots of work on your lunges).

Old appendectomy scar?  You betcha, that counts too.  The fascia of your abdomen connects all the way up to your neck and head.  All scars will create some level of reduced movement in the involved tissues and that lack of movement can sometimes cause enough of a drag somewhere else, that your body begins to experience pain.

It is only by appreciating the body as a whole and treating these types of mechanical restrictions wherever they may be found, can the body be restored to its full capability.  And yes, those glute muscles will fire again!

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