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Rehabilitation Products

Here you will find links to products that we personally use and stand behind to help you on your journey to feeling your best.

exercise ball.jpg

There particular exercise balls can be loaded up to 2200 lbs without popping.  You can choose 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm options and a hand pump is included.

The Tush Cush is a cushion that I have used with patients for many years that helps to promote the proper positioning of a person's pelvis while sitting.  It can be a great tool for people who sit for much of the work day and can be helpful for improving back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches.  This has worked well for people to use in either their office chair or car.

tush cush.jpg
thoracic lumbar support.jpg

This back support works great to support people who have first addressed their proper pelvic position.  Once a person's pelvis is in a proper position, this support helps to provide additional support along both the lumbar and thoracic spine.  Also great for both vehicles and office chairs.

Air Bands

Blood flow restriction cuffs

Blood flow restriction training can be a helpful tool to provide many of the benefits of heavy resistance training without excessive load on one's joints.  Use the coupon code: CREEKSIDE to receive 10% off your order.


This is the same tape that we use in the clinic to help provide support to a person's knee or shoulder.  Note this link contains both the Leukotape and the layer that goes underneath.


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This is a great device for anybody who finds themselves in a walking boot of some sort.  The idea is that extra height is added to the person's opposite shoe so that the person's hips/pelvis stay level and don't get thrown out of whack.

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