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If you don't find the answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us at 952-936-9600, email us at, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • Do you take health insurance?
    Yes. We accept most health insurances, but we encourage you to check with your insurance company and find out if we are an in-network provider.
  • Can I use my HSA to pay for physical therapy?
    Most HSA plans will pay for physical therapy at Creekside, but as always, we recommend checking with your plan administrator to make sure.
  • If I can't or don't want to use health insurance, how much does physical therapy cost?
    $200 for 60-minutes $120 for 40-minutes
  • How is Creekside different from other physical therapy clinics?
    Our approach at Creekside is to treat each individual as a whole person. What this means is that your examination will focus on looking throughout your body to identify potential areas of trouble that may be related to your symptoms. We try to search for the biomechanical root of your problem, not just treat your symptoms.
  • How many visits will I need?
    The number of visits varies from person to person and depends on the goals and complexity of the individual. However, the average number of visits typically ranges from 3-6.
  • How much does a nutritionist visit cost?
    Initial consultation: $264 for 90 minutes Follow-up visits: $110 for 60 minutes Wellness Package (1, 90-minute consultation and 2 follow-up visits): -$411.40 (savings of 15%) Follow-up support pack (3, 1-hour follow-up visits after your initial consultation): -$247.50 (savings of 25%)
  • Can I get individual nutritional counseling while going through the 7 Systems Plan?
    Yes. The normal rate for a personal 60-minute nutrition consultation is $110, but individuals participating in the 7 Systems Plan receive 15% off this price, so anybody participating in this plan pays just $93.50 for each personalized session. Individual counseling is not a required element for participation in the 7 Systems Plan, but some people like to combine all the benefits of this proven program, with personalized support and meal planning.
  • How long does it take to reach my nutrition goals?
    The average length of time it takes a person to reach their goals with our nutritionist, Lea, is 6-12 months.
  • Do you take insurance for nutritional counseling?
  • Can I use my HSA to pay for nutritional counseling?
    Most HSA plans will cover nutritional counseling. As always, we recommend you double-check with your company's plan to find out for sure.
  • What is the difference between the 7 Systems Plan and individual nutritional counseling?
    7 Systems Plan -A 6-month nutritional program -Weekly group webinars with Q & A -Weekly accountability and support -Proven results with health improvement and weight loss -10% off nutritional supplements Personalized nutritional counseling -The entire program is customized to each individual -Visits typically happen on a monthly basis, but can be customized to each person -Access to functional medicine labs and food sensitivity testing along with review of results
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