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Creekside Physical Therapy


We have partnered with Nutridyn, to offer the highest quality supplements, for lower cost than most retail stores.  Please note that all supplement recommendations are provided by our licensed nutritionist and not our physical therapists.  However, patients going through physical therapy may choose to work with our nutritionist to develop a nutrition plan that may or may not include supplements to help improve their health and outcomes.  Let us know if you have any questions.

NutriDyn, nutrition, supplements
Thrive Market, organic food

Additional Nutritional Resources
Your Nutritionist May Recommend

Trace Minerals, electrolytes

Trace Mineral Drops

dulce, seaweed, iodine
kelp, seaweed, iodine
celtic sea salt

Celtic Sea Salt

sea snax lime
Redmond Real Salt

Redmond Real Salt

flackers, fiber, flax seed


single package

Flackers 6-pack, fiber, flax seed



DGL licorice chews, digestion

DGL Licorice Root Extract

chewable tablets

K&F bone broth, gut health

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth


Sunfiber prebiotic, fiber

Healthy Origins Sunfiber

prebiotic fiber

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic, fiber

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic

prebiotic fiber

GOL prebiotic, fiber

Garden of Life Organic Fiber

prebiotic fiber

Anthonys acacia powder, fiber

Anthony's Organic Acacia Senegal Powder

prebiotic fiber

Swanson fiber aid, fiber

Swanson Fiber Aid

prebiotic fiber

digestive bitters, digestive health

Dr. Mercola's Digestive Bitters

Rx bar, protein


protein bars

Autumn's gold granola bar

Autumn's Gold

grain-free granola bar

bullet proof bar, protein


collagen protein bar

Health warrior bar, protein

Health Warrior

pumpkin seed bar

out of stock
air doctor, purifier

Air Doctor

air purifier

Berkey water filter, purifier


water filter

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