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The purpose of this podcast is to share information about how adults can age in a healthy and vibrant way.  Far too many people are diagnosed with preventable conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease and then given medications as the only solution to manage the disease.  What if there was more to the story?  What if simple lifestyle factors such as exercise, nutrition, breathwork, and social connection could help not only manage, but reverse some of these diseases of ageing.  What if instead of becoming worse with age, we could become Better With Age?

Ep 3: Navigating Perimenopause: What Every Woman Needs to Know

In this episode, Jenikka Tomashek, a Doctor of Nursing Practice and specialist in women's health, talks about signs and symptoms of perimenopause along with strategies to maintain vibrant health through this transitional time.

Ep 2: The Relationship of Oral Health to Overall Health

In this episode, Dr. Susan Gross, DDS, discusses the relationship of oral health to overall health.

Ep 1: Aging with Grace: Strategies for Longevity with Dr. Terri Pena, MD

Dr. Terri Pena, MD is a functional medicine physician who specializes in women's health and longevity. In this discussion, she describes several key aspects of health that you can apply today to help improve your health span.

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