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Personalized Nutritional Counseling

Lea Wetzell

Licensed Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Personalized Nutritional Counseling

Navigating all of the information about what to eat can be overwhelming.  With every passing week there seems to be a new diet, supplement, superfood, or juice that you hear about.  Wait a week and what you thought was a healthy food turns out to be, well, not so healthy after all... according to some expert.

Vegan?  Carnivore?  High fat?  Low fat?  Fasting? 


We believe there is no single diet for all people.  Our goal is to help find the right foods and eating strategy for you.  With Lea's skillful guidance, we will put together a comprehensive, yet do-able nutritional plan that takes into account all the factors that make you who you.  We will then support you along the way.  Let us help make getting healthy simple again.

If you are ready to fix your gut health, lower your pain and inflammation, improve your sleep, improve your focus, lose un-needed body fat, and feel great, contact us today to get started.  

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