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Lea Wetzell

Licensed Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Specialist

My Story

Lea Wetzell is a licensed nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner who uses integrative and functional nutrition to help patients create a path to wellness, a passion which started over 20 years ago when she was able to heal her own chronic conditions and lost 50 pounds using the tools of nutritional therapy.


Lea received her M.S. in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and is a licensed nutritionist through the Minnesota Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. She is also nationally recognized as a certified nutrition specialist through the American Nutrition Association (ANA). The ANA champions the science and practice of personalized nutrition to move nutrition to the core of health care.


Lea was honored to serve as Chair for the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition Practice for the state of Minnesota, a role she was appointed to twice by Governor Mark Dayton. She completed her second four-year term serving for a total of eight years. She has been in the field of nutrition since 2007.

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