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Find Your Balance. Find Your Flow.


Creekside Physical Therapy was started in 1985 by BJ Hengelmann, PT, and has been the premier physical therapy practice for all things TMJ and headache for the past 35+ years.

In 2021, the practice was sold to Galen Wetzell, DPT, who as a previous employee of PTOSI (the premier physical therapy practice for all things spine pain), is determined to continue the legacy of exceptional care for people with jaw pain, along with bringing his wealth of knowledge for treatment of all areas of the body.

Our Values


Our clinic is a place that will support you on your journey to healing. Kindness is our foundation and we will gladly share it with you here.


We believe all people have dignity and an inherent self-worth.  You will be shown respect for who you are as a person.


Our goal is to be upfront and honest with you at all times in your care.  We pledge to earn your trust each and everyday that we share together.

Our Treatment Approach

We treat people as whole people and not painful body parts.  Click to learn more.

We treat from the TMJ to the toes and everything in between

craniosacral, cranial sacral
manual therapy, rehabilitation


We accept nearly all major insurance for plans for physical therapy services.  Feel free to call with any questions you may have:
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